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Google Boondoggle

Internet restrictions have always been one of my biggest gripes about living in China.  Since we arrived, I haven’t been able to use You Tube or Facebook, and it is impossible to access any blogs at services like Blogspot or WordPress. But all of that has been tolerable given that they haven’t messed with gmail […]

Angry Birds

This semester, I have been teaching a class at Tsinghua University called Critical Thinking.  Over the last two months, students have been learning how to identify an argument’s pattern of reasoning, and subsequently, how to criticize it.  Students have been learning about assumptions, credibility, clarification, inferences, logical fallacies, inconsistencies, and more. Today was the summary […]

Times Up

Since being in China, I have appreciated reading the New York Times online.  It has helped me to stay connected to the US and world news in ways that 20 years ago wouldn’t have been possible. I also was able to do it at the minimal cost of viewing advertisements. But time is up on […]

Spam Attack

In early September, “Zai China” was infected by some type of malicious code…most likely from one of the many spam comments I receive and delete daily.  Google warned visitors that the code could be problematic and suggested that they not visit the site. Fortunately, Jennifer and Tim were there to help me troubleshoot. More good […]

Rental Racket

As I mentioned in the last blog entry, looking for an apartment online was difficult.  One of the reasons was rental agents.  In fact, it turned out that no matter how we went about looking, the rental agents ironically made it difficult.  It turns out that this is all part of their plan. Rental agencies […]

Many Hands Make…

…Hard Work.  It is fairly common in China to happen across a small army of people employed in very tedious and/or physically difficult work.  Often times, there is a disproportionate number of older people in this group. While in the US and many other western nations, these tasks have usually been automated, China still uses […]

Zěn Me Shuō “Nuptials"?

While some of you already know about our wedding plans and the wedding website we’ve put together, we also want to post it here to spread the word more broadly.  The site was a lot of fun to build, and we hope it helps give you a sense of how we are celebrating. Here is […]