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Playing Around

Mike was big into learning Chinese games.  In Xiaogan, I taught him how to play Ma Jiang, and he was soon beating me in head to head matches.  Eventually, Tian and her parents joined in for a piece of the action.  Mike held his own and won several games. One hot afternoon in Xiaogan, Mike […]

Biking Nanking

On our last day in Nanjing, we rented bikes from the hostel and went on a short tour of the city.  Michael was responsible for reading the map and navigating, which was no small task given that they were all in Chinese and Pinyin.  At times he was frustrated when he couldn’t figure out the […]

Ad Something

In this entry I just want to share a clever advertisement I saw at a bus stop near our house.  I have evolved into an avid Nescafe drinker in China, and so when I saw this I just had to take a picture.  Nescafe instant coffee is a perfect morning drink, and at about 50 […]

Yellow Cow, Cash Cow

In China, people find all sorts of ways to make money even in the most surprising of situations.  One of the most impressive little schemes we’ve come across occurs every day in Chinese malls but especially around the end of the year bonus season.  The schemers are nicknamed “Huang Niu” or “Yellow Cow”, and they […]

Picture Perfect Day – Yuan Ming Yuan

Below are some of our favorite pictures at Yuan Ming Yuan from our day with Watson.

Footwear & Tear – Part 2

When Dan got to Beijing this May we started an unofficial experiment to see how his white shoes would hold up after 2.5 months of hard traveling in China.  Here are the shoes before and after.  They definitely are showing the stress. Dan headed home after winning the “Longest Family Member in China for Our […]

Taxi in Suzhou? Hail No.

Probably the only place in China that we have had any trouble hailing a taxi is in Suzhou.  The city, we discovered, has a strict limit on the number of taxis it allows to operate, and that number is hardly sufficient given the population.  This made getting around town more difficult.  One of our backup […]