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Snake Oil Site!

Let the fun begin!  Snake Oil, the s-s-seriously s-s-silly s-s-selling game, is now available for purchase online.  Check out our website!  The URL is  Order online for only $18 plus shipping and handling, and we can send it anywhere in the continental US.   If you know Pat or me personally, you can also order […]

S-s-special Delivery

At the end of May, our shipment of 1000 Snake Oil games arrived in Minneapolis at my parents’ garage.  The total trip from Beijing to Minneapolis involved truck, sea, and rail transport, and it took about two months. Griffin Logistics oversaw the arrangements, and we were very happy with their service.  They took care of […]

All Together Now

Here’s a picture of the final game with all of the parts spread out next to each other!  Sorry about the shadows.  The lighting in our apartment was hard to get right on all the surfaces, but you still get a good sense of how the final colors and designs look together.

Online Shoutout

We have received a lot of positive feedback about the game all along in its development.  One sign that we did ok recently was that the factory asked us if they could put the game up on their website as an example of a product that they manufactured.  Of course we said yes. Once they […]

Packaged With Care

It was quite the victory to see all 1000 games finished, packaged into 84 boxes, and stacked ready for shipping back to the US.  Beau and I were happy and relieved when it was done!  It had been a long three month process from start to finish.

Shrink Wrap

The final step of the manufacturing process was shrink wrapping. The fully assembled game was put into loose plastic and then sent through a hot machine that shrunk the plastic tightly around the box.  It was neat to see it work.

Final Assembly

After all of the individual parts were completed, I anticipated that it would be a challenge to make sure they all got put together in the correct way.  I asked Pat to put together a diagram for the factory and gave it to them. Unfortunately either the diagram never got to the workers or they […]