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Wedding Guests

This weekend, Tian and I had the honor of attending her cousin’s wedding in Beijing.  Tian’s relationship to Mao Mao is actually a little bit more complicated than cousin, as Mao Mao is Tian’s grandmother’s older sister’s granddaughter, but cousin works just fine for simplicity’s sake.  It was a pleasure to help them celebrate and […]

Life Takes Visas

Until recently, Tian and I have been hesitant to post anything on the blog about our plans to return to the US this summer.  The main reason has been that we haven’t wanted the news to get to her school until near the end of the year, since course assignments and pay details can be […]

Life Takes Visas #5

In early March, Tian took a trip to Guangzhou for her visa interview at the US consulate there.  Guangzhou is on the southern coast of China, so it took nearly 20 hours by train to get there. Fortunately, Tian has a good friend from elementary school who lives there with her husband, and they were […]

Life Takes Visas #4

At the end of January, we received the good news that Tian had been scheduled for an interview in Guangzhou in early March.  That meant we had a deadline for getting all of the documents together. One of our assignments was for Tian to get a medical checkup at an approved official clinic.  So in […]

Life Takes Visas #3

At the end of December 2010, we sent in the next set of visa materials to the US embassy in Guangzhou.  This packet included our official application form (DS-230 Part I and II), as well as our formal request for an interview date and time.  We also had a long list of “homework” – various […]

Picture Perfect Day – Yuan Ming Yuan

Below are some of our favorite pictures at Yuan Ming Yuan from our day with Watson.

Picture Perfect Day – Tsinghua

On October 23rd, Tian and I celebrated our engagement anniversary. In addition to being a big milestone for us, it was also a reminder of how quickly time has flown by this year. This fall, to commemorate our engagement, we spent a fun day biking around Tsinghua University and Yuan Ming Yuan (the park where […]