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After our respective travels, we all spent a couple days in Xiaogan recharging our batteries – doing laundry, eating home cooked food, and trading stories.  We also prepped for a short trip to Wuhan to visit with Tian’s good friends, Wang Jing and Liu Ya.

Finger Licking Good

Each morning, Mike and I got breakfast at the nearby KFC.  The reason was is that it was a comfortable and convenient place for us to sit down and study Chinese, which we did for literally an hour every day in Nanjing. As an aside, the Chinese KFC never used “Finger Licking Good” as its […]

Wedding Guests

This weekend, Tian and I had the honor of attending her cousin’s wedding in Beijing.  Tian’s relationship to Mao Mao is actually a little bit more complicated than cousin, as Mao Mao is Tian’s grandmother’s older sister’s granddaughter, but cousin works just fine for simplicity’s sake.  It was a pleasure to help them celebrate and […]

Ad Something

In this entry I just want to share a clever advertisement I saw at a bus stop near our house.  I have evolved into an avid Nescafe drinker in China, and so when I saw this I just had to take a picture.  Nescafe instant coffee is a perfect morning drink, and at about 50 […]

A Grain of Salt

Amid a swirl of rumors regarding the natural and nuclear disasters in Japan, the saying “take it with a grain of salt” has taken on special meaning in China. On Thursday, we ran out of normal cooking salt.  Tian went to the store that afternoon and found to her surprise that it had been sold […]

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends!  We missed another great dinner with family, but thanks to the power of Skype we were still able to see everyone and say hello.  Never mind that it was technically our Friday morning; it still counts. Because Tian works in an international school, she got Thursday and Friday off, […]

Drinks At Temple

From the title of my blog, you may guess that “Temple” is the irreverent name of a new bar we visited.  Even better.  We actually went to a real buddhist temple for some drinks.  First we had tea and then later, with dinner, we drank “Shao Xing Huang Jiu” a specialty alcohol from the city […]