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Wedding Guests

This weekend, Tian and I had the honor of attending her cousin’s wedding in Beijing.  Tian’s relationship to Mao Mao is actually a little bit more complicated than cousin, as Mao Mao is Tian’s grandmother’s older sister’s granddaughter, but cousin works just fine for simplicity’s sake.  It was a pleasure to help them celebrate and […]


Anyone who has learned a foreign language knows the uncomfortable situation of knowing how to ask a basic question but not really having the language or cultural skills to understand the response.  For me, no other question has been as troubling in this regard here as, “Where are you from?”  Unless the answer was Beijing, […]

Sunbathe Blankets

One of the chores that Chinese  tend to do during their spring cleaning is to “Shai Bei Zi” (晒被子), which literally means to “Sunbathe Blankets” or hang them out in the sun.  The purpose is to kill germs and warm them. When Tian’s mom was here in March she took charge of that chore while […]

Diaper Bear

This winter, while perusing the aisles at a local book store, I told Tian that I wanted to start reading real stories in Chinese.  While she was definitely supportive of this, I know she was surprised when I picked out a series of children’s books about “Diaper Bear” or 尿布熊 (niao4 bu4 xiong2). The “Diaper […]

Vacation from Vacation

After about a month of odd work schedules, Tian and I are finally getting back into a normal routine.  Indeed Saturday was the first day Tian did not have class after 8 consecutive school days.  It also was the first day we had off together in about 3 weeks. The calendar craziness was brought to […]

Midnight Train To…

Suzhou.  Rather than spend the night in Xian, we decided to take another night train directly to Suzhou, which is near Shanghai, because we wanted to spend more time in that area.  It turns out we were in for a memorable 13-hour train ride. You see, weeks before the wedding, Tian and Dan had gone […]

The Paper Trail

On Sunday, 6/20, we took a night train down to Wuhan to officially process our marriage.  When we got there the next morning, Tian’s friend, Wang Dan, generously offered to pick us up.  After a quick stop for breakfast to kill some time, we headed to our first paperwork stop of the week. The first […]