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Trash or Treasure?

Cleaning out our apartment involved getting rid of a lot of things. We just couldn’t take much home with us.  But to my surprise, getting rid of things did not mean throwing them out.  In China, recycling is ubiquitous, and they even pay.  In most cases, our trash was their treasure.

Sofa Away

Readers may remember our excitement last summer when we found an awesome couch for our apartment to replace the old and uncomfortable one.  When we bought it, we anticipated that the apartment owner would love it as much as we did and just let us keep it there. Unfortunately, the owner wanted nothing to do […]

Sunbathe Blankets

One of the chores that Chinese  tend to do during their spring cleaning is to “Shai Bei Zi” (晒被子), which literally means to “Sunbathe Blankets” or hang them out in the sun.  The purpose is to kill germs and warm them. When Tian’s mom was here in March she took charge of that chore while […]

Ku Gua

During the week before our wedding this summer, Dan earned the admiration of Tian’s mom and dad because of his ability to find all types of random things on his own in the city using Chinese.  One day, he chased down gifts for the bachelor party and even got them engraved. Perhaps the most random […]

New Digs: Outside

One of the things I like about our complex is that it has nice outdoor areas and green space.  It is the perfect place to eat your morning “jian bing” or people-watch after work.  Here’s a view from one of the windows nearby on our floor. This concludes the tour of our new apartment.  If […]

New Digs: Part 2

From the entry way, take the door to the right to get to our bedrooms and the bathroom.

New Digs: Part 1

Our new apartment is in the same complex as our last one.  We really like our location because it is close to both of our schools and because there are a lot of restaurants, grocery stores, and other entertainment nearby.  It’s also close to the part-time jobs that I hold on some evenings and weekends. […]