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A Breakthrough Moment

In my last post, I mentioned some of the challenges of the past week.  Luckily some wonderful news from back home really made it all better:  On its 10 p.m. news, Kare 11 ran a story about Breakthrough Saint Paul and three of the five students from our program that have won the amazing Jack […]

My Last Week at BSP

My last week at Breakthrough Saint Paul was a truly fitting end to my six years there.  It was marked by a challenging assignment, long hours, and dedicated teamwork.  The main reason for the craziness of the last week was that I needed to finish a special math tutoring curriculum that the SPPS Foundation had […]

Zai Jian Friends

I have been so fortunate to work with many great staff members over the years at Breakthrough Saint Paul. Most recently, those great staff members have included Jennifer, Ashley, and Jey. They definitely will be the part of the job that I miss the most. The reasons for missing them are plentiful. From the hidden […]

Presentations of Learning

One of my favorite times of the summer at Breakthrough is during wrap-up week when all faculty and staff do Presentations of Learning. These are 7-10 minute reflections on one’s experience in the program and one’s own personal growth. They always reveal to me for a last time the amazing talent of our summer community. […]

Summer Celebration

The past week has been full of major events, all of which have been part of my saying goodbye to Breakthrough Saint Paul. Last Friday, it was the toast and roast. Thursday was my goodbye to students during ASM. Today it was my last Celebration as a BSP staff member. Well, it is safe to […]

Breakthrough – Forever Yours

I had been wracking my brain all summer for the right way to say goodbye to the BSP students.  The idea hit me as most great ideas do – unexpectedly.  I had been cleaning my house and came across the sheet music for a song that I wrote during my first year at LearningWorks called “Forever […]

Toasted and Roasted

Last night was a truly unforgettable evening.  The BSP advisory board threw me a special tribute called “The Ochs Toast and Roast.”  Dick and Nancy Nicholson hosted the party in their wonderful home on Summit Avenue.  With all the drinks, food, and beautiful decor, it was truly the perfect set-up.  Throughout the evening, over 60 […]