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A Breakthrough Moment

In my last post, I mentioned some of the challenges of the past week.  Luckily some wonderful news from back home really made it all better:  On its 10 p.m. news, Kare 11 ran a story about Breakthrough Saint Paul and three of the five students from our program that have won the amazing Jack […]

Step 4: Work (Z) Visa

In order to enter and stay in China, all foreigners need a visa.  There are many different types of visas including a tourist (L) visa, business (F) visa, student (X) visa, and transit (G) visas.  These visas are geared for specific types of visitors, allowing for different lengths of stay and permitting different activities. My […]

Step 3: Tsinghua Paperwork

In order to apply for my work Z-visa (discussed in Step 4), I first needed to get two important forms from my employer, Tsinghua University: Invitation Letter:  A formal letter from my Tsinghua inviting me to work there starting in August 2009, Work Permit:  A form that gives government approval to Tsinghua to have me […]

Step 2.1: Meta Five Paragraph Essay

One of the steps I took to get my job was to write a sample lesson plan for teaching academic writing organization.  Part of my lesson included using this meta five-paragraph essay I wrote to help teach five-paragraph essay structure.  It is meta because the topic is about writing five-paragraph essays.  If you like it, […]

Step 2: Get a Job

Go figure.  In order to stay in China, I first needed to have a job.  A job is the key to getting everything you need to stay long-term in China, from your work (Z) visa to your residency permit.  No work.  No welcome. I had mixed feelings about job hunting in China.  The first thought […]

Step 1: Renew US Passport

While I understand that some of you may be confused, step 1 was not to cut a hole in the box.  It was to get my US passport renewed. I still remember when my dad took me to get my first passport when I turned 18.  I needed it before going to France the summer […]

Barely Legal: Visa Adventures in China

In China, things have a way of always happening at the last minute.  Even though it is not always easy, I have been learning to expect and adapt to this style.  Sometimes though, it still can be really frustrating.  One such instance occurred on Friday, September 18, when I submitted all of the paperwork for […]