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Step 5: At the Airport

In an earlier blog posting, I talked about the uncertainty that accompanied getting off the plane in Beijing and (fortunately) how relatively easy the processes ended up being.  One of those fairly fast and straightforward processes was going through Chinese customs and getting my passport and visa inspected.  Different visas allow a visitor to enter and […]

Flight Photos

Chris was able to send me some other pictures from our flight from Chicago to Beijing.  Just thought I would share them with all of you.

Friendly Faces

  After stopping to exchange some currency, Chris and I walked out of the baggage claim area to look for Tian and Chris’s friend Jason, who was picking him up at the airport.  Tian saw me before I saw her, waved vigorously, and wasted no time snapping pictures.  As we got closer, we saw that […]

Descending Into Mystery

Our arrival in Beijing was tinted with mystery.  After flying over part of the Great Wall on the outskirts of the city, we literally descended into a haze of smog.  If I can get the picture from Chris, I will post it here later.  For now this one from the internet will have to do.  […]

We're Learning, We're Learning…

On every trip I take I learn interesting things.  Here are some lessons I’ll take away from this one: The max weight for a checked bag on United is 50 lbs. I was 2 lbs over in each of mine, so I had to add it to my carry on. No big deal – just […]

Flight #2: Two Years In The Making

The story of my second flight really began two years ago in May 2007 at a great Chinese restaurant called Xiao Szechuan on University Avenue.  My parents and brother Michael took me out for my 25th birthday, and I invited along my then new girlfriend, Tian.  During dinner, we (not surprisingly) overheard some conversation in […]

Not So Fast…

The romance of the first flight soon gave way to the real challenges of international travel.  When I arrived in Chicago, I found that my next flight from Chicago to Beijing had been delayed for about 2.5 hours.  I quickly called my mom on her cell phone and asked her to email Tian to let […]