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Spam Attack

In early September, “Zai China” was infected by some type of malicious code…most likely from one of the many spam comments I receive and delete daily.  Google warned visitors that the code could be problematic and suggested that they not visit the site. Fortunately, Jennifer and Tim were there to help me troubleshoot. More good […]

"Zai China" Turns 100!

Today is a landmark day in my blog’s life.  Please help celebrate the 100th posting on “Zai China” by doing something “meta” today.  For those of you who need the reminder, “meta” is anything that references itself.  For example, I just posted a 100th blog posting about the fact that this is the 100th blog […]

Announcing Categories

I discovered recently that WordPress comes with a nifty feature for organizing blog posts called “Categories.”  This feature becomes increasingly helpful the longer you blog because readers can more easily sort and view the post topics that interest them.  As I am now over 30 posts (wow!), I decided to create and use categories for […]

Meta Blogging

It was only a matter of time before I brought the concept of meta into the blogosphere. That’s right. I’m about to blog about blogging. Here’s the jist. I first started blogging using a Google blogspot account in May. I got it all set up and decked out, even with a subscribe and visitor reporting […]

Subscribe Feature Enabled!

Wow!  There is nothing better than the feeling you get when you figure out how to do something completely new with technology.  I’m in one of those moments now.  I just independently learned how to allow my friends and family subscribe to my blog, which means they will get automatic email updates whenever I make […]

Do Chinese People Fart?

“Do Chinese people fart?” This was one of the first questions my brother, Michael, asked when he met Tian for the first time in February 2007. He was then in fourth grade, and even though he had known Tian for only an hour, he was enraptured by her and everything China. And the questions kept […]