The Home Stretch

After we dried out from the adventure on Huang Shan, Mike and I decided to take a bus back to Wuhan and then a train back to Xiaogan.  The bus left at about 9 a.m., and with one transfer, took until about 6 p.m. to reach the station in Wuhan.

The bus trip was more adventurous than we expected.  We took back roads that bounced passengers up and down like popcorn in a kettle. At one small town, the bus stopped and took on a woman with a baby. To our surprise when the bus rounded the curve a car was blocking the road, forcing us to stop. A couple of people got on and started fighting with the woman with the baby, trying to get her off the bus. After a few minutes, more people came on the bus. The entire scene continued for another 20 minutes, until finally the police came and got everyone off the bus.  And of course, as always in China there was a bathroom story. But we’ll have to tell you that one in person.  Haha!

Once we arrived in Wuhan, we had to rush over to the train station and get a ticket.  At that late hour, there were only standing room tickets available, so we had to stand for the hour and a half train ride back to Xiaogan station.  We played cell phone games and talked to other passengers to pass the time.  We split a taxi with a newly made friend and celebrated being home with Tian and her family!  We could finally relax…or could we?

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