Huang Shan

If you have seen the movie Avatar, you have a sense of the beauty of Huang Shan (“Yellow Mountain”).  The film’s “Hallelujah Mountains” were inspired by the legendary Chinese mountain range.  Mike and I set aside two days for a visit to the mountains and take in their breathtaking views.

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate.  We learned that June is the rainy season in Huangshan, which meant the breathtaking views were hidden behind clouds, and the weather was cold and damp.  Mike and I decided to brave the mountain anyway, just because that is what we came to do, and it was definitely a trial.

This is a nice-weather view from "Beginning To Believe" peak (picture not mine, obviously).

The view from the top with two Canadian travel companions we met that morning. Are we in the same place?

One of the rules on the mountain was not to pick the flowers. Mike laughed because these were a ways off the side.

The famous "Yellow Army" of rainy Huangshan.

Two new members of the Yellow Army.

In the morning, the weather was mostly just a light mist, and we thought there was a chance it might lift as the day went on.  But we were wrong.  The rain picked up as the day progressed, leaving us more and more wet and cold.  It also got very windy on some steep exposed parts of the mountain.

"100 Steps Ladder" was very steep and windy. It was quite a climb. The picture doesn't do it justice.

These signs were everywhere. After a few hours on top, we finally took their advice.

When we got to the cable car line, we were excited.  But we soon learned the weather was such that the cable car wasn’t running. That left hundreds of people waiting in line in hypothermia-like conditions with no where to go and no plan.  It was a miserable hour-long wait until they started the cable car again.  But people huddled together under umbrellas and tried to stay positive.  Two bus rides and a few hours later, we were relieved to get back to our hotel room and take hot showers.  Our clothes were wet for two days.

We definitely want to go back again to see views like these.

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