Biking Nanking

On our last day in Nanjing, we rented bikes from the hostel and went on a short tour of the city.  Michael was responsible for reading the map and navigating, which was no small task given that they were all in Chinese and Pinyin.  At times he was frustrated when he couldn’t figure out the way, and I sometimes didn’t know where we were either.   But he learned some tricks and eventually got in a good rhythm.

The hostel had just bought new bikes, and we were the first to rent them. I even helped them write the English translation for the rental terms.

On the road, Mike led the way.

This lake, with this view of the Nanjing skyline, was our major destination.

On the way back to the hostel, another biker cut Mike off, and Mike fell.  Fortunately the crash was at low speed, and Mike had no injuries.  He was pretty frustrated though.

Mike. Post-crash.

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