Canal Annals

The southern section of Nanjing, where we stayed, has a series of neat canals that all converge upon a crowded pedestrian street. Each night we took a walk through the brightly lit streets.  Once we splurged and took a boat tour of the canals.

The tour boat docks were at the center of the pedestrian district.

The boat tour was about an hour long, and it took us through a number of lighted scenes on the side of the river.  It felt a lot like the drive through the Minnesota Zoo or Lake Phalen during Christmas, but with a Chinese theme of course.  We started at dusk, and ended in full night.

On the canal.

Darkness is falling.

One of the light displays.

The only issues we had with the boat tour was that it was a covered boat with windows, which made it actually hot inside the boat.  Also the way the seats were arranged made it difficult to see well comfortably.

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