Wall to Wall Fun

Nanjing was the capital city of China during part of the Ming Dynasty. The old imperial palace there was since razed, but the ruins are still part of a public park and accessible for free.  So we decided to take a walk there.

The Forbidden City in Beijing copies the 5-bridge design of the old Ming palace in Nanjing.

On top of the only remaining gate wall, the columns were long gone. But their bases made for interesting statue stands.

The park was surprisingly busy with locals. We played magic with a few of them while a saxophonist played behind us.

A large part of Nanjing’s ancient city walls also still survive, and parts have been repaired so tourist can walk on them.  These walls are famous for the role they played in trapping the citizens inside the city during the Japanese invasion of 1937.

On the city walls.

Each of the old bricks on the wall had to be stamped with the name of the builder. In case it broke, they needed to replace it

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