On Our Own

After staying only one night in Xiaogan, we split into two groups for the next week.  Tian and her parents decided to travel together as a family to Guangzhou, where Tian needed to pick up her visa. Meanwhile Mike and I took the opportunity to break out on our own and have some adventures without the security of a native speaker.

Mike's first bus trip of many!

Mike and I first took a bus from Xiaogan to Wuhan, where the next day we would catch at train to Nanjing.  When we got to Wuhan we met up with Tian’s best friend Wang Jing, who offered us a place to stay for the night.  Wang Jing also speaks English, so we had some fun conversations as we walked the neighborhood, cooked dinner, and played cards.

On the city bus with Wang Jing. We made Mike ask another rider for the picture.

Wang Jing's condo building. There are over 20 of these buildings in her development alone.

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