The Long Haul

The big joke of the trip is that the real reason we invited Michael to come to China was to help us pack and move.  His two airline check in bags were definitely put to good use by us on the return trip in July.

But we also used Mike to help us haul some stuff down to Xiaogan, where Tian’s parents live.  You see, rather than buy a bunch of our own basic stuff for just two years, Tian had borrowed some household items from her parents when we moved to Beijing.  Now those things had to be returned.  We also had to take some of our own clothes to last for three weeks.

Mike on his first train ride in China. He got the top bunk.

So after we got all our of money returned from the landlord, the three of us started out on a long journey to Xiaogan.  We tried waiving a taxi to the train station, but no one stopped for us.  So we awkwardly boarded a city bus with our bags.  After arriving, we clumsily unloaded and worked together to haul them all up and down various stairways. We finally hired a “Red Hat” attendant to take the bags down to the train for us.  Getting off the train, the narrow aisles made for more awkward “excuse me” moments.  Fortunately, Tian’s parents picked us up in Xiaogan the next morning for the last leg of the long haul.

Excuse me. Pardon me. Dui bu qi. I'm sorry.

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