Zai Jian Gong Zuo

On Tuesday 6/7, I officially carried out my last work responsibilities in China!  I had to give a placement interview at Tsinghua for an incoming student.  With no closing ceremony like normal, it was an anti-climactic end to the year.  Nonetheless it felt great to be done!

Over the course of my two years in China, I have held three official jobs: my full time work at Tsinghua, part time teaching at XinDongFong JingYing (New Oriental Elite), and part time tutoring at Hampson English.  I also tutored a little bit on the side independently.  I was grateful for these opportunities and the comparatively comfortable lifestyle they allowed Tian and I to live while here.

Whenever I visit another country, I really like to get inside the culture.  During our time here, working in China was one of the best ways for me to do so on my own.  I got to interact with hundreds of Chinese students, from 1st graders to post-graduates, as well as adult coworkers.  Given the academic setting, learning and sharing was part of the expectation for everyone.  So while I was technically teaching, I still learned a lot from them all.  I loved surprising Tian with new vocab or cultural tidbits I picked up from work.

Of course, not everything was always rosy, and there were aspects of work culture that I personally struggled with.  If you’re interested in hearing more about some of the challenges of teaching in China, I’d love to talk more about them with you individually.

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