Here We Go Again

On June 7th, at only 13 years old, my brother Michael traveled by airplane to Beijing by himself in order to spend the next month hanging out and traveling China with Tian and me!  We were so impressed that he was eager to take advantage of this opportunity, even though there were tons of challenges awaiting.

On the evening of June 8th, we met him and his airline chaperon at the Beijing airport.   Then we took the bus back to our apartment in Wudaokou. It was really exciting to meet him and hear about his trip. It also was a big milestone for Tian and us because we knew that our time in China was nearing an end.

First sighting! Mike with his airline handler.

We made a welcome sign for Mike, admittedly a bit small. But it had Chinese! Brock Stillman was nowhere to be found.

To get home from the airport, we took a bus rather than a taxi for half as much money.  Oddly enough, the driver had been watching a soft core porn movie, which he had forgotten to turn off until a few minutes into the trip.  Even when he found out about it, he didn’t act embarrassed.  We knew Mike would learn a lot on this trip, but we weren’t ready for that one.

The next slew of blog entries will be about our adventures in China with Mike.  It was an intense but amazing month full of memories.

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