Sofa Away

Readers may remember our excitement last summer when we found an awesome couch for our apartment to replace the old and uncomfortable one.  When we bought it, we anticipated that the apartment owner would love it as much as we did and just let us keep it there.

With the couch, we felt like a family of three!

Unfortunately, the owner wanted nothing to do with the new couch.  He asked us to get rid of it before we moved out.  So Tian posted it online two weeks before we moved out, and expected it would be a few days before arranging something.

Alas the same day as it was posted, a nice guy quickly called, offered us more money than we paid for it last year, and asked to pick it up the next day.  It was an offer we couldn’t refuse.  But we were also sort of sad.  It was the first major sign to us that our time in China was coming to an end.  So we decided spontaneously to hold a late night movie marathon on our couch to celebrate.

Remember us!

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