S-s-special Delivery

At the end of May, our shipment of 1000 Snake Oil games arrived in Minneapolis at my parents’ garage.  The total trip from Beijing to Minneapolis involved truck, sea, and rail transport, and it took about two months.

Griffin Logistics oversaw the arrangements, and we were very happy with their service.  They took care of everything including the customs paperwork and inspection process without a hitch for a reasonable price.  They also took the time to explain things to me along the way.

The games arrive home!

Alec became the first satisfied customer to snag a shipped game! Two in fact! Hopefully there will be many more like him.

Special appreciation to my mom who met the delivery in my place.  Thanks also to my dad for not getting upset at temporarily storing them in the garage.



  1. Ashley · ·

    Yay!!!!! How awesome. 😀 Count me in for one…and BSP for another!

    1. Awesome! Will do. Can’t wait to see you and the program when we get back in July.

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