Times Up

Since being in China, I have appreciated reading the New York Times online.  It has helped me to stay connected to the US and world news in ways that 20 years ago wouldn’t have been possible. I also was able to do it at the minimal cost of viewing advertisements.

I'll miss you!

But time is up on this great deal it seems.  The New York Times is experimenting with another revenue model, which allows readers to see 20 articles per month free.  For unlimited content they need to pay $15 per month or around $200 per year.  I probably will not sign on, mostly because in another 2 months Tian and I will hopefully be transitioning into a new living situation. After March 28, I’m planning to just content myself with the headlines, try to access articles through Google search (a supposed work around), and bringing my advertisement revenue generating clicks and eyes to other online news sources.  In the meantime, I’m savoring my freedom and reading lots of articles!

I do understand the need for news papers to make money, so I appreciate the need to experiment with the model.  Nonetheless, I feel bummed that I’m losing open access to this “free” source of online information.  Secretly I’m hoping that the paper rethinks the decision and can find alternate ways to increase revenue. Whatever happens, I’m sure I’ll read about it in the news, just maybe not in the New York Times.

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