Rumor Has It

As is often the case after disasters in China, rumors have been circulating after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan for the past week or so.  Most of them have to do with the increasingly dire nuclear crisis and the impending problems the radiation will cause in China.  This one, which claimed to be from the BBC, was translated by a colleague.  Later that day, we found official notices that these were rumors.  In fact, any radiation released has been moving over the Pacific Ocean and not toward China.

Dear all,

BBC latest news as followed: Japanese government affirmed nucleus was given away. Asian people should do necessary protect. Please keep indoors if it was raining. Meanwhile, keep the doors and windows closed, and wear scarf and the things to protect your hypothyroid. For radiation attacks human’s hypothyroid above all. And Philippine will get that attack from 16:00 today.

The original info: BBC英国国家广播电台)最新消息:日本政府确认核泄漏发生了。亚洲国家需做好必要的保护。如果下雨了,要呆在室内24小时,关上门窗,带上围巾什么的做好对甲状腺额外的保护,因为核辐射首先袭击的就是甲状腺。菲律宾将从今天下午4点开始收到袭击。


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  1. Language teachers are to blame for the ills of the world!

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