Life Takes Visas #5

In early March, Tian took a trip to Guangzhou for her visa interview at the US consulate there.  Guangzhou is on the southern coast of China, so it took nearly 20 hours by train to get there. Fortunately, Tian has a good friend from elementary school who lives there with her husband, and they were generous to invite her to stay with them for a couple days.

Staying at her friend's house, Tian ate well all week.

On the first day there, Tian had to go in for a 5-10 minute appointment to give them all of our documents.  Then she returned the following day for her formal interview, which lasted another 15 minutes.  At the end of that process, they told her that she was preliminarily approved pending completion of her two year home country residency requirement in June.  It was great news!

For the rest of the time, Tian and her friend saw the city and went to a few parks.

Tian's friend took a day off to hang out with Tian.

Now the only step remaining is to go back to the Guangzhou in June to get her visa formally printed in her passport.  According to the forms Tian received, it should just be a formality though.  Fingers crossed!

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