Monthly Archives: March 2011

Packaged With Care

It was quite the victory to see all 1000 games finished, packaged into 84 boxes, and stacked ready for shipping back to the US.  Beau and I were happy and relieved when it was done!  It had been a long three month process from start to finish. Advertisements

Shrink Wrap

The final step of the manufacturing process was shrink wrapping. The fully assembled game was put into loose plastic and then sent through a hot machine that shrunk the plastic tightly around the box.  It was neat to see it work.

Final Assembly

After all of the individual parts were completed, I anticipated that it would be a challenge to make sure they all got put together in the correct way.  I asked Pat to put together a diagram for the factory and gave it to them. Unfortunately either the diagram never got to the workers or they […]


While the die cutting was going on, other workers were making the top and bottom game boxes in a different room.  After these were made, the die cut sheets were brought in, and another set of workers glued the paper tightly to the boxes.

Cut It Out

After varnishing or glossing, the items were taken to another room for cutting.  The factory set up a special cutting device called a “die cut” that would cut the sheets at exactly the right spots.  Then another worker would remove the excess paper.  The work is tedious, repetitive, and time consuming.


After all of the sheets are printed, the next step was to add a layer of protective varnish over all the cards and a layer of gloss over the box. Like the printing press, the varnishing machine was very long and consisted of several parts.  It took four people to run it.  Here are some […]

Go To Press

With the “Epson Proofs” approved, everything was set to go to press. The first step was to create a “plate” for each of the printing sheets. This plate is special in that it tells the big printing press how to add the four colors to create our desired image. After each plate was installed in […]