Factory Journey

Tian and I picked the Civa Printall factory for a lot of reasons, one of which was because it was located in Beijing.  This meant that we could more easily visit to clarify issues and observe production. We were glad that we made that decision because we ended up spending a lot of time there, and it allowed us to be close to the process.

These are some pictures that will help you envision the location of the factory:

A one-way trip to the factory required taking two subway lines and one bus. It usually took around 1.5 hours one-way.

You catch the bus at the northern edge of the city.

When you get off the bus at the very last stop, you feel like you are in a small town.

Off the bus, you walk past about a block of rundown storefronts.

Then you turn and walk a long way down an alley way. This is about halfway to the factory gate, which you can see in front of you.

One of the first buildings you see is the employee dormitory.

Given the fact that I was teaching and tutoring during much of this process, I often made this trip at night after working a full day. The commute on public transportation was cheap from a monetary standpoint, but it was crowded and exhausting.  Another challenge was that the bus stopped running at 8:30, which meant that the only remaining option was to take a cab.  Several times I ate dinner with the workers in the factory cafeteria.

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