Life Takes Visas #4

At the end of January, we received the good news that Tian had been scheduled for an interview in Guangzhou in early March.  That meant we had a deadline for getting all of the documents together.

One of our assignments was for Tian to get a medical checkup at an approved official clinic.  So in early February, we took the subway to the east side of Beijing and found our way to the clinic. It was the only day of snow that Beijing had all year, which made walking around a bit messy.  While she was doing her exam, I explored the neighborhood and grabbed breakfast at McDonalds to escape the cold.  After a couple more follow-up visits and tests, Tian passed the test!

After a few wrong turns we finally found the right clinic.

With a little snow, Beijing's "Tian Qiao" (pedestrian bridges) turn into either death traps or luge courses.

In addition to the medical exam, Tian and I prepared a long list of over 80 documents to bring to Guangzhou for her visa interview. To keep track of all the paperwork we made an excel spreadsheet and a color coded system of folders.  You can get a sense of the project by taking a look at a screen shot of our spreadsheet (doc details blurred out).  We also scanned and kept an e-record of every document we submitted.

Staying organized was essential.

Some of the major documents we included were the Affidavit of Support including documentation for all of our personal assets and income.  We had to prove domicile in the US as well as the authenticity of our relationship.  We also had to pay another fee.

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