Humor Me

After working with Pat for several years, I have come to appreciate her innate sense of style.  She has a great eye for color and layout, and she always thinks of things in ways I wouldn’t. Every time I work with her I am reminded about how professional designers add so much value to a project.

Another quality I love about Pat is that she encouraged me to also think outside of the box and to contribute new ideas.  I know that sometimes, however, she didn’t personally agree.  Nonetheless, she would still humor me and help me see what my idea might look like executed.  Nine times out of ten, I ended up seeing the error of my ways.  But even so, the result was that I had more confidence in the chosen direction and a bigger sense of buy in and ownership.

When we were deciding what colors to make the cards, Pat humored me and tried a yellow customer card. We didn't use it, but I never had to ask "what if..." later.

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