Word Cards

Compared to the customer cards, the word card design took longer.  Given that players would be holding the noun cards in their hands, and looking at them constantly to make pairs for products, we needed to design them for both play and aesthetics.  Some of the factors were font size and color, word location, doubled reflection, and of course speech vs. thought bubble.  Below are just two of the multitude of options we considered.

One option we considered.

Revised slightly.

After all was said and done, we settled on the purple background with a slightly shadowed white font connected to the snake by a subtle thought bubble chain.  This made it very easy to read the nouns but still beautiful and connected to the theme.  But one more big choice remained until the very end.  Lower case or capital letters?  We went with capital for readability and to give the products more of a proper noun name feel.

Our final design!

Just like with the customer cards, one of the hardest parts for me was making the list of nouns to include.  It was much more involved than just picking 285 random nouns.  Over the course of test playing we started to see patterns of play.  We realized what kinds of nouns were used more and which ones were often passed over.  Then we ordered the deck so that various types of nouns were optimally mixed together the first time the players opened the game.

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