Customer Cards

“Snake Oil” involves pitching crazy products to all types of wacky customers, which are role played by a new player each round.  The game includes 72 unique customer types, and each customer has its own card.  For us, choosing these customers was no easy feat, and it involved a lot of people’s input!

Almost immediately after starting to design, Pat had the idea of using the snake as a mascot on all of the customer cards and changing the snake’s costume and surroundings to reflect that customer.  It was brilliant and also a ton of work.  But it was time well spent; in my opinion the customer cards are a major highlight of the game.  Here are a few of them:

What would you sell to a pirate?

What would you sell to a rock star?

The back of the customer cards.

Just as for the box, the colors here are not quite accurate.  They are much brighter in print.

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