Monthly Archives: February 2011

Factory Journey

Tian and I picked the Civa Printall factory for a lot of reasons, one of which was because it was located in Beijing.  This meant that we could more easily visit to clarify issues and observe production. We were glad that we made that decision because we ended up spending a lot of time there, […]

Color Me Frustrated

As I have been alluding to in previous blog entries, one of the biggest challenges of the project was working with the colors.  It was impossible to know exactly how the colors would look on the factory’s mass-production printer as we were designing it. The first issue with the colors was digital.  When Pat and […]

Life Takes Visas #4

At the end of January, we received the good news that Tian had been scheduled for an interview in Guangzhou in early March.  That meant we had a deadline for getting all of the documents together. One of our assignments was for Tian to get a medical checkup at an approved official clinic.  So in […]

Humor Me

After working with Pat for several years, I have come to appreciate her innate sense of style.  She has a great eye for color and layout, and she always thinks of things in ways I wouldn’t. Every time I work with her I am reminded about how professional designers add so much value to a […]

Word Cards

Compared to the customer cards, the word card design took longer.  Given that players would be holding the noun cards in their hands, and looking at them constantly to make pairs for products, we needed to design them for both play and aesthetics.  Some of the factors were font size and color, word location, doubled […]

Customer Cards

“Snake Oil” involves pitching crazy products to all types of wacky customers, which are role played by a new player each round.  The game includes 72 unique customer types, and each customer has its own card.  For us, choosing these customers was no easy feat, and it involved a lot of people’s input! Almost immediately […]