Monthly Archives: January 2011

Bottom Box

The overall vision for the bottom box came together nicely.  We knew that we wanted to include the instructions and some special styles of play, and of course the bottom of the box needed to include a lot of the necessary business information.  Pat made it all connect together nicely using the snake mascot and […]

Top It Off

Our main goal with the top of the box was to make it simple to read, noticeable, and of course aesthetically pleasing.  This was probably the most straightforward of all of the design decisions we made on the box, but it was still really important.

Picture It

On the side of the box opposite of the description, we included a graphic to help people visualize the play.  Hands down the hardest part of this side was choosing which six words we would include and what four unique products we would make with them.  They had to be goofy but believable.  They also […]

Describing Our Description

As someone who has spent months writing and rewriting papers for school or grant proposals for foundations, I am no stranger to the process of revision.  But none of my past projects compare to efforts we spent wording and re-wording the box description for “Snake Oil.” The ratio of time spent to the numbers of […]

Putting the S-s-snake in Snake Oil

Pat, Tian, and I all loved the idea of playing off the “Snake” in “Snake Oil” for the game’s brand.  It worked on a lot of levels.  Not only is “Snake” the most prominent word in the title, snakes definitely hint at the Old West, which is one of the connections we wanted people to […]

Blanks to Boxes

After the white sample, the factory sent us the sized die cut PDF files for the top and bottom boxes, into which we would add the design.  Of course they arrived blank.  The next few entries are about how we moved from those blanks to our ultimate boxes. Again, as I will post about later […]

White Sample

Once we decided to move forward, the next step was to create the “White Sample,” which is an accurately sized physical mock-up of the final product using the same materials that would be used later in the actual run.  The only thing missing from it would be the final color and design…hence the name “White […]