Taking Shape

Early on, even before we found the factory, Pat got me to see the beauty in using a cube shape for the game box, as well as larger square customer cards.  Originally I had been envisioning all the cards as the same size and a rectangular box.  Looking back, Pat was definitely right.  Later we used her concept as the starting point for the white sample specifications.

A very early prototype I put together with materials at home.

One of Pat's first concept renderings. Magic.

Even just looking at her rough draft, it is obvious how much value Pat added to the game.  She took our concept and brought it to life as a product.  During that process, I always appreciated her willingness to challenge my assumptions and propose radically different ideas for how to do things.

As I will post about later in more detail, the colors of the digital images are not exactly accurate and can even change depending on what type of screen or program you are using to view them. This was one of the challenges we faced when designing long-distance.  It was hard to know what colors were “true” or to know if Pat was seeing exactly what Tian and I were seeing.

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