Name Game

When most of you hear me say the word “Name Game”, you probably envision first day classroom activities like “sock tosses,” “snowball fights,” and the “name clap.”  That would be understandable given the countless number of name games I’ve played and even invented throughout my years of teaching.

But while inventing this new party game, the phrase took on a different meaning.  Naming our game became a name game in and of itself. And for those of you paying attention, it is indeed true that “Name Game” also is a combination of two nouns. Coincidence?  I think not.

Every great game concept needs the right name!

When choosing a name, we wanted something that would a) be easy to remember; b) sound fun and evoke interest in the game; and, c) capture the essence of the game play.  Additionally, we really hoped the name would embody the game’s own two-noun combination concept in a subtle but meta way.

Ever since we started test playing, we were brainstorming name ideas. Believing in a free flowing brainstorm process free of immediate judging, we kept the ideas flowing and ended up with a list of over a hundred ideas.  Of course some were more realistic than others, and some of the best suggestions were Pat’s.  I pulled a few off the list to share here:

Snake Oil (Of Course!)
Bull Market
Pipe Dream
Monkey Business
Shop Talk
Duck Soup
Brain Fart
Party Game
Elevator Pitch
Seed Money
Sky Mall
Mind Fiber

Perfect Pitch
Cards In A Box
Bright Idea

Of course, while choosing our name, we reviewed everything on this list time and time again.  But in the months since we decided on “Snake Oil”, I hadn’t revisited these other ideas until this post. Now that I have, I am more confident than ever that we picked the right name (more on that in the next post).  So in the end, I would count this name game as a success!

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