Snake Oil: Breaking the Silence

Over the first two months of 2011, as you loyal readers already know, I made no new blog entries.  It was not for lack of anything interesting to write about.  In fact, during that time Tian and I were working hard on the design and manufacture of our new party game, which we decided to call “Snake Oil”, and there was plenty of blog-worthy material.

The main reason we decided not to post anything on “Snake Oil” was actually to protect the name and design of the game until after we had formally submitted our trademark application with the USPTO, which we did last week (April 15, 2011)!  This means that I now get to share with you the process and memories of our experience without the fear that the game name or idea might be taken by someone else before we finished it ourselves.

Without further ado, it’s full s-s-speed ahead with the s-s-story!

* Like this post, all of the blog posts in the “Snake Oil”  series are backdated to show how the real timeline progressed.  The actual post dates are in April 2011.

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