Monthly Archives: December 2010

Life Takes Visas #3

At the end of December 2010, we sent in the next set of visa materials to the US embassy in Guangzhou.  This packet included our official application form (DS-230 Part I and II), as well as our formal request for an interview date and time.  We also had a long list of “homework” – various […]

Design X 4

In 2009, I met with a game designer who became an informal mentor to me during this design process.  At the time my head was spinning with so many questions related to design of the game.  He told me something that helped me organize my thoughts all throughout the process. He explained that when designing […]

Factory Found

Blogs have a way of simplifying history a bit.  The fact is that in December of 2010, Pat, Tian, and I were very excited about doing the game together.  But there was one major obstacle that had to be surmounted before we could actually start:  we had to find a factory that was willing to […]

Pig Farmer Jeff

For the last two weeks of writing class, I spent part of each lesson on creative writing.  I introduced students to rhyming, counting syllables, and to various types of poetry including “Roses are Red,” haiku, and limericks.  Then students wrote their own and performed them to the class.  Here are two of my favorite “Roses […]

Ask & Tell? If You Want!

Since I have been in China, it has been a bit difficult to read and watch US political news because 9 times out of 10, the stories offered little hope that our country’s leaders knew how to work together for the common good.  Well this morning, I was ecstatic to hear that the US has […]

Taking Shape

Early on, even before we found the factory, Pat got me to see the beauty in using a cube shape for the game box, as well as larger square customer cards.  Originally I had been envisioning all the cards as the same size and a rectangular box.  Looking back, Pat was definitely right.  Later we […]

"Snake Oil" It Is!

After a lot of brainstorming we ended up picking the name “Snake Oil” for the game.  We loved the name for a bunch of reasons: It is easy to remember. It catches attention, sounds fun, and evokes interest in the game for people of all ages. It captures the essence of the game perfectly given […]