Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends!  We missed another great dinner with family, but thanks to the power of Skype we were still able to see everyone and say hello.  Never mind that it was technically our Friday morning; it still counts.

Because Tian works in an international school, she got Thursday and Friday off, but she had to make up one of the days on Sunday in return.  I did not have the days off, and even tutored on Thursday night and Sunday.  So it definitely felt like a normal week for me.

Our turkey was delicious but definitely not cut this nicely. We were all novices.

But we did celebrate officially with about 10 friends from Tian’s work on Saturday night.  The group ordered a pre-baked turkey from a restaurant and then the hosts cooked, cooked, and cooked to supply all the side dishes.  We brought over plenty of beer and soda.  Everything was spectacularly delicious.

The guys were all novice turkey cutters, but with a little help from google, we figured it out.  Unfortunately, all the You Tube videos were off limits, so we had to go with the bullet instructions. Turkey cutting videos can be subversive, you know.

The group was, as you might expect, quite international.  And while the Chinese, Swiss, French, and British don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, they overlooked that detail on Saturday and joined right in.  We played a party game together and really had a ton of fun, switching between English and Chinese.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate and be thankful for everything we have.

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