Vacation from Vacation

After about a month of odd work schedules, Tian and I are finally getting back into a normal routine.  Indeed Saturday was the first day Tian did not have class after 8 consecutive school days.  It also was the first day we had off together in about 3 weeks.

The calendar craziness was brought to us by Mid-Autumn Day and National Day, two offiical Chinese holidays that take place within a week of each other and both carry mandatory “vacation” days.  I say “vacation” days because employees often have to make some of them up on the weekends before or after.  Oddly enough, we feel relieved not to have any more “vacation” days coming up soon.

The official days off are in pink, but our schools followed different schedules. Tian worked from the 8th through the 15th.

The NY Times ran an article that did a much better job of describing the craziness, though I can still say I’m still somewhat confused even after reading it.

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