Spam Attack

In early September, “Zai China” was infected by some type of malicious code…most likely from one of the many spam comments I receive and delete daily.  Google warned visitors that the code could be problematic and suggested that they not visit the site.

Fortunately, Jennifer and Tim were there to help me troubleshoot. More good news was that she had just backed up the entire site about a week beforehand, so almost everything was retrieved.  I only had to re-enter about 10 entries by hand.  In the end, she deleted all of the old material/code and copied all of the clean back-up information in its place.  I really appreciated her extra help!

Nearly everything is now back up and running.  I am posting new content again, widgets have been reinstalled, and I have since tweaked some of the settings to help control the amount of spam comments I am receiving.

The only remaining issue is that people who subscribed to “Zai China” in the past are no longer subscribed to the blog.  If you still want to receive an email when I post a new entry, you should re-enter your email address on the “Subscribe” page. Then, you will get an email in your inbox from my blog.  Just open it and click the link to confirm your subscription.  Sorry for the hassle and thanks for reading!

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