Going To The Dogs

During our wedding week, my aunt Andrea needed to return home a bit early in order to oversee the birth of not ONE but TWO new litters of puppies.  Andrea and Tim love dogs, and a few years ago they started a hobby of showing and breeding spaniels.  Their kennel is called Fox River Spaniels.

In celebration of their trip to China for our wedding, they decided to give all of their new puppies names that are related to and inspired by China.  They include:  Jasmine, Marco, Polo, Jade, Phoenix, Lotus, Dolly, Pearl, Blossom, Dragon, Silk, Buddha, Orchid, Cassia, Panda, Peony, and Li.

Ruby's Litter

Violet's Litter

Three Weeks Old

Thanks Andrea!  It was a unanimous decision.  The award for the “Cutest Creatures with Names Inspired by Our Wedding in China” is…you guessed it…going to the dogs.


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  1. The pups are 8 weeks old now. I can’t believe it has been 8 weeks since our trip to China. If you haven’t checked out my website recently, please do. I just updated it last night. The puppies are Welsh Springer Spaniels. The two little ones above are Phoenix and Dragon – the Emperor and Emperess.

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