Monthly Archives: September 2010

Getting Some Tongue

This fall, Tian and I took a trip to the zoo in Beijing.  Anyone who has been there can tell you that the Beijing zoo, on the whole, leaves a lot to be desired.  Many of the habitats are bare, the grounds are dirty, and the metal gates are rusting. But there are also some […]

Spam Attack

In early September, “Zai China” was infected by some type of malicious code…most likely from one of the many spam comments I receive and delete daily.  Google warned visitors that the code could be problematic and suggested that they not visit the site. Fortunately, Jennifer and Tim were there to help me troubleshoot. More good […]

Going To The Dogs

During our wedding week, my aunt Andrea needed to return home a bit early in order to oversee the birth of not ONE but TWO new litters of puppies.  Andrea and Tim love dogs, and a few years ago they started a hobby of showing and breeding spaniels.  Their kennel is called Fox River Spaniels. In […]