Ku Gua

During the week before our wedding this summer, Dan earned the admiration of Tian’s mom and dad because of his ability to find all types of random things on his own in the city using Chinese.  One day, he chased down gifts for the bachelor party and even got them engraved.

Perhaps the most random and fun thing he found, however, was a small cricket that we named “Ku Gua”, which is a type of Chinese vegetable that translates to “Bitter Mellon.”  He bought it from someone randomly biking by him.  “Ku Gua” quickly became a trip mascot for us.  Tian’s dad fed him vegetables in the morning, and he even came with us to the hotel for the wedding week.

Ku Gua leaves his cage and starts a new life.

After our trip to Shanghai, Dan and Tian freed him in the bushes out back of our apartment.  It was a sad moment, until he bit Tian. Tian felt hurt that “Ku Gua” would lash out at her in such a way. Perhaps it was the weeks in captivity that didn’t endear us to him.

Ku Gua stretches his legs and runs to freedom.

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