Shanghai Expo

Our first day in Shanghai, we went to the World Expo.  It was fun to see it, but we all were a bit underwhelmed.  While the pavilion outsides were generally architecturally interesting, the exhibits mostly felt superficial.  As Pat said so well, it felt like we were walking around a  7th grade social studies fair, except these projects had multi-million dollar budgets.

The USA Pavilion was nothing special and only showed four unimpressive videos. A final exhibit hall featured booths from the handful of corporate sponsors, but nothing else.

The largest, most central, and arguably the coolest pavilion was China's. Wonder why.

Out of the hundreds of options, our group chose to visit some of the more controversial countries. Here is Iran.

Inside Iran, they had a display of the peaceful nuclear power plant they are building. UN Inspectors, you can call off the searches now!

The practical things at the expo were the best. These cooling fans, the plentiful bathrooms, and the free drinking water were highlights.

Group Sculpture Shot

All in all, we were glad we went and participated in part of China’s hat trick of world events.  Overall, however, we were not that impressed and felt the even did not live up to all of the hype it had received inside China.

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