Mandarin Duck

You’ve likely heard of Peking Duck, the delicious traditional delicacy.  But you may not have heard of Mandarin Ducks, which are famous for a completely different reason.

While walking through the mansion grounds, we came across a team of Mandarin ducks with a hord of tourists taking pictures.  Tian informed us that particular duck holds special meaning in eastern culture.  Unlike most species of duck, the Mandarin males do not abandon their females after mating with them.  Thus they have come to symbolize the lifelong commitment of lovers.  In Chinese folklore, if one of  the pair dies, its mate will stop eating and soon die as well.  While a quick bit of research online did not confirm that, it also did not disprove it.  So believe what you will.  We thought it was a fitting coincidence.

Mandarin Ducks. Our own pictures did not turn out.

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