Taxi in Suzhou? Hail No.

Probably the only place in China that we have had any trouble hailing a taxi is in Suzhou.  The city, we discovered, has a strict limit on the number of taxis it allows to operate, and that number is hardly sufficient given the population.  This made getting around town more difficult.  One of our backup plans the first night was to ride the rickshaws.

"Why do I get stuck with the two big guys?"

Power Legs

Kids in the back.

The ride we took was about 15 minutes.  For the pleasure, we paid $2 each car.  We felt a little bad about using the manual labor of our drivers to get around town, but they also were grateful for the business.  And in the end, the lack of taxis gave us no real alternative.

We ate dinner at the foot of an old arch bridge.

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