Some Soldiers in Here

Someone should tell Destiny’s Child to head to Xian to see the Terra Cotta Warriors.  In this huge exhibition hall, there are plenty of soldiers.  That’s where they at.  We know because that’s the first place we went while we passed the day in Xian.

The park is impressive.  It really is amazing to think that everything was buried over 2,000 years ago and only discovered in 1974 by normal Chinese farmers digging a well.  Below is a picture from Pit#1, the largest.

It's a true army of clay soldiers, and each one looks different.

On our way out of the park, we ran into the rest of our family.  We knew they were going to be in Xian that day but didn’t know their plans.  It was really fun to see them even if only for 10 minutes.

This character is unique to Xian, and is unofficially the longest in the language. It takes over 40 strokes to write. It designates a local specialty of noodle.

We ate lunch at a small restaurant across the street.  It wasn’t very busy, and they gave us a menu that looked way over priced. We complained, and they finally relented and came back with the local menu.  The service was bad, and they charged for little things that should have been free, so we gave them a fair price for the meal and walked away.  It was the first time Tian and I have dealt with that flagrant of cheating at a restaurant.

These soldiers needed a nap. The bus home provided the perfect opportunity.

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