Honeymoon with Chinese Characteristics

After planning a wedding ceremony and a week’s worth of events for 25 people, you would think Tian and I would have been ready for our very own honeymoon!  And while you’d be right, we also really wanted to hang out with our family as much as possible. They had in fact traveled around the world, and this was our only chance to see them for the entire year.

We opted to hang out with our family and friends and settled for a “Honeymoon with Chinese Characteristics,” which like the more popular “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” basically can mean whatever we want it to mean.  Later this spring, before we head back to the US, we plan to take a real honeymoon.

Honeymoon for 6! Eli, Andrea, Pat, Dan, Tian, Jeff

While my parents, Michael, and several aunts and uncles were traveling in an organized tour, the plan was for my brother Dan, cousin Pat, friends Eli and Andrea, Tian and I to travel together across China by train.  Amazingly, before the wedding Tian and Dan had been able to go through the hassle of purchasing the most important train tickets.  The trains often traveled by night, which was convenient in that we didn’t need to get hotel rooms, and we also traveled while we were sleeping.

Our list of stops included Xian, Suzhou, and Shanghai.  The next few posts will be memories from the trip.  We had a fantastic group and a wonderful time together!

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