Welcome Matt

Out of all of the guests at our wedding, the most serendipitous was my college roommate Matt and his Chinese American fiancee Xin.  This summer Matt earned his PhD from MIT (congratulations!), and they decided to take some time off to tour China together.

Lucky for us, they ended up coming at the beginning of August and were able to join us for the ceremony even though they were still battling jet lag.  Because of the craziness of the night though, we didn’t get to talk personally for long, so they came back to the hotel on Friday morning to join us for calligraphy!  It was awesome to see them both during the week and to catch up.  They are getting married in Minnesota in October.

During college, Matt got caught in an avalanche, which is when your roommates throw as much of your crap on top of you as they can while you are sleeping. Luckily he survived.

Matt and his fiancee Xin serendipitously joined us for the wedding ceremony

They are planning their wedding for October in Minnesota.

The next day they came by the hotel, and we caught up!

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