After releasing the lanterns, the group split up for the remainder of the night.  Some people walked around Ho Hai and grabbed a drink. Others went back to the hotel to get packed.  Tian and I walked around with Tian’s parents, Jenny and her friend.

The entire week went by in a blink of an eye.  It felt like everyone just got there and now everyone had to take off again. Regardless, we could not have asked for a better week with our family and friends.  It was everything we had envisioned and more.  We look forward to celebrating with even more American family and friends when we get back to the US.

We were grateful for the opportunity to celebrate our wedding in such a memorable way with so many family and friends..


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  1. I just caught up on all of the wedding entries, it looks like it was amazing! Congratulations to you and Tian,

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